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At Angel Brokers Group, our approach of businesses buying uncovers companies not yet on the market, so our client does not compete to acquire. We assist the three main types of clients in their need to find suitable companies to add to their portfolio:

We provide the following services:

  • Assist with defining the project and with analysis of need
  • Define expectations
  • Identify prospective sellers
  • Assist with due diligence and valuation
  • Assist with negotiations and deal structuring

When approaching the owner of a closely held company on behalf of our buy-side client, Angel Brokers Group has unique tools to establish credibility and mutual respect. One of our goals in representing you as a buyer is to achieve the best value possible for you.


Approaching the owner of a company that is not yet on the market requires certain specific skills, gaining confidence and building rapport so that the owner would open up to a confidential conversation. We have those skills but it must be understood that in order to be successful in this process, the ultimate deal must be fair to all. We spend no time with an owner that says “anything is for sale for the right price.” Each side should feel the deal will improve their position or it will never get to closing.

Find the Right Company

After we have targeted a certain field through SIC codes, the geographic area and the size of company, Angel Brokers Group has proven methods to generate a high level of responses from the owners of closely held companies. In many cases, we are dealing with someone’s life’s work, and we respect what it has taken them to get there, the moral obligation the owner feels to his loyal employees, so we understand emotions involved in completing a success sale of the company to similar to “selling their baby.”

Successfully Negotiating the Offer

Uncovering owners who are willing to sell also requires an understanding as to why they respond. It may be a need for additional capital for expansion, which may lead to a partial acquisition where the owner retains an equity position; a management buyout; an owner seeking retirement; the split up of a partnership; or part of a divorce. Angel Brokers Group has had experience in all of these cases and each kind of situation requires an understanding and empathy in addressing the needs of all parties. As a result, it is keenly important to structure the offer to focus on what will make the transaction mutually beneficial.

Angel Brokers Group Manages the Closing

Managing the closing is a critical part of the process. It is easy for a transaction to get high-centered, become stalled and die. Here we create a team environment instead of an adversarial one (one legal team against the other), and assist in the due diligence, third party consents, UCC filings, real property matters, and legal issues that bring you to a successful and timely closing. We stay fully involved and maintain an active presence from start to finish.

Assist with Due Diligence

We first create a rapport with the seller so we can ease them into the demanding and time consuming burden of responding to a due diligence check list. We have found that being thorough and probing may uncover unforeseen issues. These kinds of issues may greatly contribute to measuring the risks of the acquisition. As these kinds of issues arise in the due diligence process, we then assist our buy-side client to find a remedy or re-negotiating the sales price.


A successful closing takes effort from all parties and above all patients. Once all the definitive agreements have worked through the legal process, third party consents are obtained and all other issues are finalized, our buy-side client owns a new company and it is time to celebrate.
Our market knowledge and established skills at deal-making provides a proven advantage for buyers.

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