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The Angel Brokers Group M&A Division was founded to assist and represent owners of lower middle market and privately held companies within the Southeastern United States in the successful completion of business sale, merger, acquisition and other such business transactions. Our primary focus is businesses in the manufacturing, business services, and technology services industries with $1m to $40m in enterprise value. We employ a system that produces solid results for our clients.

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Angel Brokers Group has a well-defined process to help our clients achieve the best results. From the initial review, buyer research, marketing, negotiation, to closing, our experienced team knows what it takes to successfully get the deal done.

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Angel Brokers Group offers a full range of services for our buyer clients, including finding the right company, negotiation, and performing due diligence. Our market knowledge and established skills at deal-making provides a proven advantage for buyers.


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Leader in the Manufacturing of Steel Taper Poles

Profile of Company I-100806

The opportunity: The company, located in Mexico, is a metal fabricator for the energy, electrical and construction industry, specializing in the manufacturing of steel poles for companies in the electric utility, commercial lighting, telecommunication and transportation markets. They began operations in 1957, manufacturing door and window metal frames. In 1991 they began fabricating high power steel tapered poles as a result of their use and skill of press brakes as well as improving their ability to handle steel and welding procedures. The first exports to the US took place in 1993, and since that time, the company has penetrated both domestic and international markets.

Due to the demand for electric power not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America as well as the United States, the company is expected to grow substantially in the near future. The experience and market penetration of the company has provided industry recognition to the point that they are selling to large companies in the US and continually bidding on other power projects in the United States.

With a potential market exceeding US 1.5 Billion dollars annually, the company expects to export 70% of their production to the United States for the current year. An investor could expand his/her operations into Mexico with a company that has substantial knowledge and experience in the market, or take advantage of their low production cost and, in return, import high quality electric metal poles to the United States.

Summary of Operations: The operation has been designed for in-line production, which generates lower manufacturing costs. Unlike their competitors, the company also offers design-engineering services. Their flexibility in manufacturing with regards to the finished product is tailored to the needs of the buyer. In addition, the company specializes in the production of large round taper steel poles for distribution, not offered by most competitors, and last but not least, they provide reliable delivery schedules.

With a market niche continually expanding; they participate in the bidding for government and private projects, always seeking new clients through personal contacts, but also through advertising and e-commerce. The business is not subject to cyclical sales. In addition to domestic trade, the company does business throughout Mexico as well as in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Central America. In the US they have a strong presence in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

The stockholders wish to sell as they are getting older and have other businesses to attend. However, the Director General and key employees are willing to remain in the business.

Financial Summary: In spite of the world financial crisis, during 2012 the company generated better than US $620,000 in EBITDA on revenues exceeding US $9 million.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.


Profile of Company I-100603

The Opportunity: This company is one of the largest beef producers in western Mexico encompassing three areas of concentration as follows: the fattening of cattle, in which 2.2 lbs is gained per steer per day; the steers are then sent to a nearby slaughterhouse operation, and then returned to the processing plant in which skilled butchers cut and package the beef into desired portions.
The demand for beef has been increasing in the United States at a steady pace for some time, and cannot be met with just domestic production, thus the need for importing from Mexico. Due to this demand, the company has been exporting high quality beef for some time, limited only by the ability to obtain financing at reasonable rates. This company has also opened the markets in Japan and Korea, markets that are very difficult due to high quality requirements, but are limited to exports due to lack of liquidity.

The construction of a new state of the art cutting and packaging facility has just been completed by this company; built to meet the specification of the US Department of Agriculture. They process high quality beef that has been approved by the USDA and in addition to selling within Mexico, exports beef to the United States, at affordable prices. This occurrence, added to the substantial management expertise in the industry, with their senior executives, makes this operation the most modern and efficient beef processor in Mexico.

The cattle are fattened at the company with the highest quality standards available and the beef is cut and packed via a vacuum seal process. Such packing is conducted under strict quality standards established by the governments of Mexico and the United States. No hormones or additives are added to the meat

The company is striving to increase sales in the United States, as all federal requirements have been met. What they need is a distribution and marketing arm in the USA to meet competition, in addition to a line of credit to increase production in Mexico. An advantage they can offer to an American company is the ability to introduce American beef in Mexico using the Mexican company’s numerous distribution lines they have cultivated.

The company is seeking a strategic partner to join them in expanding their business and who will benefit by obtaining good quality beef for distribution in the United States and Japan. For this endeavor the company is willing to sell a healthy portion of the stock, but will remain, operating the company if the buyer so desires.

Summary of Operations: The Company has sufficient capacity to sell 60% to 80% of its production to the US. This represents approximately 300 heads of cattle, killed, processed and cut daily. Of the remainder, 20% to 40% can be exported to Japan and Korea, assuming prices are competitive.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

Profile of Company I-100908

The opportunity: This company is a privately owned financial intermediary located in Mexico, that lends money to businesses as well as individuals with high net worth. The company is an investment fund organized under the support of CONDUSEF, a Mexican federal government agency that supervises investment funds in Mexico. For that reason the company is not restricted by Mexican federal regulators in terms of how much interest they can charge or how much they can pay on financial instruments they use to generate capital. The company raises money by selling interest bearing financial instruments similar to corporate bonds, and in turn, lends the money at a very high rate to good companies that are well collateralized. The company takes advantage of the length of time banks in Mexico take to approve loans, if they are approved. The company has set up a Trust with a commercial bank, to insure that every bond sold to an investor, in order raise capital, is well collateralized with tangible assets which will guarantee payment of the investment capital raised.

The company is a direct competitor of commercial banks, not only on capital raised but also on loans made, though they are much quicker in approving loans. Since the banking crisis of the mid-nineties in Mexico, most banks are foreign owned, primarily coming from countries that are in serious economic distress, such as Spain. The largest banks in Mexico, BANCOMER and SANTANDER are Spanish owned. Therefore the company is expected to grow rapidly and become highly profitable, as the world economic crisis is not expected to be resolved promptly. Mexico is a country with a present unemployment rate hovering around 5.5%, with a currency that is appreciating against the dollar, and with a Gross National Product that is growing. But those indicators cannot increase at a faster pace due to the lack of financing.

Summary of Operations: The company has established a fiduciary entity with the Trust Department of a commercial bank to guarantee the payment of interest of the bonds they sell and the collection of the loans they make.

The company provides the following financial services:

  • Loans that have no prepayment penalty at a rate of 3% per month, such loans require tangible assets as collateral.
  • Lines of Credit with a maximum term of 12 months.
  • Loans for the purchase of assets for the borrower’s operations.
  • Factoring

The company is seeking either a financial or strategic partner that will help them capitalized the company in order to meet the high loan demand that exists in Mexico today. Such endeavor can be accomplished either buy buying financial instruments that carried an interest rate of 16.2% or by purchasing stock in the company.

An investor can expand their US financial operations in Mexico with a company that has substantial flexibility and lending ability earning a high rate of return.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.


Profile of Company I-130805

The Opportunity:

This Mexican company is the largest importer and marketer of cut beef from the United States to meet Mexican demand. Their prime product is “skirt beef” as well as pork ham and shoulder, all imported from the USA. Because of the superb quality, it is considered the best beef and pork imported into Mexico. Due to continual demand for such meats, the company intends to increase sales by expanding nationwide, thus generating a significant increase in revenue. This they hope to accomplish with the participation of a foreign investor.

A family owned operation, the company was founded by experienced administrators with degrees in accounting and with the aim of buying high quality imported beef and pork from the United States to distribute in Mexico. The business has grown through the years despite changes and economic problems faced by the country of Mexico. Their distribution currently covers the vast metropolitan area of Mexico City and a portion of southeastern Mexico. Management’s goal is to increase market penetration throughout the country, especially in tourist destinations, presently limited due to lack of investment capital.

Summary of Operations:

Over the years, this company has become a leader in the Mexican beef industry and is positioned to expand its market by introducing other meat product into Mexico through its points of sale. They are seeking an investor or strategic partner to assist in facilitating this endeavor. As previously stated, their sales concentration has been the Mexico City metropolitan area including Mexico DF and the State of Mexico, the largest market in that country, encompassing more than 23 million people, a population larger than several Latin American countries.

In the beef industry, an investor can increase sales by expanding into Mexico through the introduction of their products via the company’s distribution points of sale in Mexico. American cuts of beef and superior quality are in great demand in Mexico.

Financial Summary:

During 2012 they experienced sales revenue exceeding US $15.7 million dollars and with a modest growth of 10% per year the company could reach sales of $25 million within a five year period. A capital infusion to expand the market or the introduction of new products could very well accomplish such growth in three short years. The company has assets exceeding $12 million dollars and an EBITDA of 14% of Sales ($2. million USD for 2012), and 2013 promises to be even greater.

Management and Employees:

The company is well managed not only by the President, a CPA, but with a capable staff, conscious of cash control and profits.

Key Strengths:

Note: We are solely compensated by the seller. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

Resort Project in Mazatlan, Mexico

Profile of Company I-120106

The Opportunity:

The company is a construction development company specializing in the construction of resort, commercial and real estate management, it is part of the Royal Group of companies in the United Arab Emirates. The project is located in the city of Mazatlan in Mexico, and it consists of a luxurious hotel with will construct a luxury four-star oceanfront condo hotel offering approximately 232 guestrooms and 91 condos located on 27 floors, providing guests with a variety of food and beverage services, an internationally renowned spa and upscale retail shops that will operate as a condo hotel, with all of the amenities and services of a five star facility in a city that lacks first class service.

The company’s mission is to create integral projects sensible to environment, economic, climate and client needs, incorporating the newest technologies and architectural trends. One of the purposes of the holding company is to change the landscape in UAE and also in Latin America, Its mission is to provide more than just properties. The Mexican subsidiary will strive to work in conjunction and collaboration with its international head office of Royal Group UAE, in Abu Dhabi, in a focused effort to manifest and exemplify the group’s mission.

Royal Group is a conglomerate of 60 large and medium sized companies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Group is widely diversified and has business activities in all major sectors like finance, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, technology and media. Launched in the late 1990’s, Royal Group currently employs over 15,000 people from a wide variety of countries and cultures and is supported through its head office in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi.

Royal Group has expanded at a tremendous pace and is one of the largest business and investment holding houses in the UAE today. It has a significant and growing presence internationally, with a broad spectrum of investments and partners throughout the Middle East, Asia, USA, Mexico and South America. The project in question is the first in Latin America.

A market study was conducted by Hospitality Advance International LLC. And furthermore, the facility will be managed by Fabulous Abu Dhabi Management Group a six star hotel management company.

Financial Summary:

The project cost is approximately $53 million of which our client has already spent close to $17 million or 32% of the total cost.

Summary of Operations:

The hotel units are already being pre-sold although ownership cannot be transferred until the facility is completed. All of the permits are in place and construction is estimated to take 30 months.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

Cement Plant in Central America

Profile of Company I-120101

The Opportunity:

This company was organized to process basic materials for the construction industry in the country of Honduras. The company was designed to fabricate clinker, cement, marble tiles, concrete, gravel and sand, with the objective of marketing, selling, importing and exporting any and all of these materials.

The country of Honduras is experiencing a level of growth and political stability, which, in turn has encouraged commerce and trade. Importantly, the government has assisted businesses by passing laws to protect domestic and foreign investments.

Primarily due to the large deficit of housing, which the government is supporting in order to meet population increases of 8% a year on a population of 8 million, the construction sector has been increasing at a rate of 6% annually. This growth is also expanding the demand for electric power. A country with abundant rivers (on which several hydroelectric facilities are planned), requires large quantities of cement and concrete. In addition, several major highways have been authorized to be built using concrete, due to its life expectancy rate. It has been determined that concrete highways last an average of 2.5 times longer than asphalt roads.

With only two other cement plants in Honduras, the need for additional concrete is great, especially since the cost of importing same is very high.

The company is seeking a strategic partner to provide the cement plant with the most updated automatic systems, which will be superior to the two operations currently in existence in Honduras. In addition, the quality of the limestone is superior to the same stone available in the other two plants.

In terms of marketing, the company is located in a better strategic location than the other two, which will allow for better access to the market. The plant will be situated 50 Km from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, which is the economic center of that country, and the region that will continue to consume the largest amount of cement. Such location is much closer to the market than its competition.

With approved concessions of the government to exploit these reserves, the company is contributing limestone and marble found on the land they own.

Summary of Operations:

The company owns 1781 acres of land with proven reserves of over 62 million tons of limestone, valued at over US $312 million dollars, which will be provided as guarantee to the payback of the requested amount. They will sell nationwide as well as internationally, as it is expected that strong sales will be generated in both Guatemala and El Salvador. However, the majority of sales will occur in the central, southern and eastern regions of Honduras. The location of the plant provides a better competitive position due to its close proximity to the market, therefore less fuel is used for transportation.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

Central America Hydroelectric Project

Profile of Company I-120404

Project Description: The project consists of the construction of a dam and hydroelectric facility, capable of generating approximately 125 Megawatts of electric power that will be purchased by the national electric agency under a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The company has been awarded the permits to build the facility, and the hydrology and geological studies confirm that sufficient water resources are available to power the electric turbine generators. The required studies and analysis have been completed and the final authorizations and approvals by the government are in process and expected to be completed by the end of this year. Also, the necessary studies have been completed and the rights and permits for the project have been obtained.

Investment Opportunity:
The country has established a national program to foster private development of hydroelectric power and has offered incentives to develop these resources. The total project is estimated to cost approximately $350 million. The financing for the project is envisioned to be 20% equity and 80% debt, with the long term PPA covering the debt payment, operational costs and investment return to the equity participants. The debt portion will consist of two phases, construction financing covering project start through full operational capability where no payments will be made and interest is accrued, and the long term financing where the project construction costs will be repaid over approximately 15 years. The owner of the company has decided to sell the business along with the permits to build the facility, due to his advanced age and the time element involved to build the project. The investment opportunity is ideal for a company in the electric generation business to buy the company and develop the project, a project that has a present value exceeding one billion dollars.

Economic Assessment: The country has a shortage of electricity, with many of the smaller towns and remote regions having no power whatsoever. In addition, major cities and industrial areas are experiencing growth resulting from increased trade with the United States and other countries. The government forecasts continuing annual growth in demand for electricity to be in excess of 10%. The country currently produces electricity from multiple sources, but is heavily reliant on fuel oil for steam turbines. A strategic decision has been made at the national level and supported by all levels of government, to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and increase the use of green energy, especially hydroelectric power. The country has an abundance of water, therefore, hydroelectric power is the most cost effective source for electric power. The long term plan is to convert from polluting forms of energy to non polluting sources and eventually shut down all oil fired generators. The countries of Central America are connected to a common electric grid and each country can put power on the grid or pull power from the grid. The grid is being connected to Mexico and Colombia. Consequently the market for low cost green energy is much larger than the national demand, which itself is significant.

Additional Information: Our firm has an offer to finance 80% of the project on long term basis, we are seeking a financial partner that will provide 20% equity for the project

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.


Profile of Company I-110209

The Opportunity: The shortage of high quality fresh fish, due to the diminishing supplies from ocean capture fisheries worldwide, has created a demand for fish farms around the world. Unfortunately not all areas are suitable for fish farms as weather conditions may vary and the quality of abundant water may not be available. Our client’s company was organized for the purpose of developing a Tilapia Farm Project in Honduras, Central America. With the unconditional support of the government to facilitate the needed permits, the company will be able to export high quality Tilapia fresh fish fillets, primarily, for the North American market and Europe. This product will be exported by air to guarantee freshness at its destination.

Summary of Operations: The company has signed an agreement with Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd. (APT) An internationally acclaimed Israeli consulting firm that specializes in the development of an assortment of aquaculture projects. Late last year the Honduran company together with APT, determined an ideal site to develop the farm, a site that encompasses 79 hectares (190 acres). Initial planning of the project began in September of 2009, when investors of various nationalities met with APT (Aquaculture Production Technology), to develop a large-scale production project of Tilapia in Honduras. An agreement with APT has been signed, which specifies the terms and conditions for the development of an aquaculture project in Honduras including analysis of the project, feasibility study of various sites and a technical plan. The feasibility study has been completed, which recommends three phases, each with a capacity of 2,000 tons/year to reached 6,000 tons/year once the project is totally developed. The objective is the establishment of a modular, self-sufficient and independent fish production and processing plant for sustainable production of fresh Tilapia fillets, mainly for export to the United States and the European Union. The project takes advantage of three factors:

The project will include a complete production and processing line, from egg to fillet, allowing the company to function as an independent and self-sufficient entity. It will be designed according to internationally accepted environmental standards and comply with FDA product quality and safety standards.

Financial Summary: The cost of the project is estimated at $27,890,000 of which our client has thus far contributed $2.8 million. We are seeking US $25 million to complete the project. And it has been determined the venture will yield an approximate EBITDA of US $7 million per year with a production of 2,000 tons of whole fish.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

South American Food Distributor

Profile of Company I-080107

The Opportunity: This company, a distributor of food products, was founded in January of 1990, marketing bulk foods to bars, restaurants and coffee houses in one of the largest cities in South America. Today it is one of the top food distributors in Argentina. Privately owned, they have the potential of becoming one of the largest food distributor in South America.

Adapting to the challenges of the industry and the demand for their products, the business grew substantially. By the mid 90’s, market requirements pushed the company to become an integrated distributor. A frozen line of product (including dairy) was added in September of 1998 to increase their product mix. This created the need to expand the business based on its distribution system, product lines, additional freezer space, investment in new technology, additional delivery trucks, new management systems and the increase in professional staff. Today the company is benefiting from the distribution of over 3,000 products with a client base that exceeds 5,500 companies, of which many are considered some of the largest and successful businesses in the country.

In addition to distributing well-known products, the company has its own private label, which is highly recognized because of the quality of the products it represents. The company is divided into two segments, both of which are for sale: one that handles dry goods and canned foods, and the other handling refrigerated and frozen goods.

Financial Summary: The Company is experiencing annual sales that exceed US $27 million with a profit margin that exceeded 9.3% by 2013, representing an EBITDA that exceeds $2.7 million per year. It has never experienced a loss before taxes. Their bank debt is minimal since management does not engage in bank loans. The real estate they occupy for office and warehouses is family owned and is rented to the company.

Summary of Operations: The company is managed by the children of the founder. They are well educated and have transformed the company into one of the largest, most important distributors in their country. They have a central warehouse and general offices consisting of 27,000 square feet, of which 14,000 is used for dry goods. In addition, the warehouse has three freezers (approximately 4,500 square feet) and approximately 9,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space. The warehouse can accommodate 1500 full pallets. The facility also has approximately 4,000 square feet of office space. Additionally the company has three other warehouses in the city, and a logistics department consisting of 4 employees who handle shipments, routing and follow-up on deliveries.

After years of continual success the owners would like to bring in a partner who will help them expand throughout the country and export domestic products to Europe and the USA, as well as the importation of other food items. Such task requires investment and they would like to share the risk. They are willing to sell a substantial stake in their company to become the largest food distributor in South America.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.


Profile of Company I-120204

The Opportunity:

This company, founded in 1945, produces and sells residential furniture, made with reforested white pine wood, MDF board, and particleboard, primarily for the United States and European markets, and secondary for the Brazilian market. Specializing in high quality at affordable prices, eco-friendly processes are used, in which every piece of wood is fully utilized. Exports to the United States and Europe account for 60% of total sales, with their major clients being IKEA and Leen Bakker. In Brazil the company has approximately 700 points of sale, throughout all regions, predominantly in the south and southeast regions. The company has gained considerable knowledge from its foreign buyers and is now successfully producing for the domestic market using foreign marketing techniques.

It is expected the American and Brazilian middle class markets will grow substantially over the next decade, especially with the demand for their product, as Brazilian furniture design becomes more popular. The company’s principal products include dining and living areas in addition to bedroom furniture.

The company is currently operating at 35% of installed capacity, therefore a strategic partner interested in high quality, low priced furniture will benefit from an opportunity to produce furniture in Brazil and to introduce their own products to the potentially vast Brazilian and South American market.

Due to economic problems in Brazil, primarily hyperinflation, the company was forced to file for reorganization in December of 2009. The plan was accepted within the year, and the company is meeting the plan as approved. Current stockholders are seeking a strategic partner to take advantage of recent developments and the opportunity for future growth; they will also consider selling the company.

Financial Summary: Financial Summary: With total assets exceeding US $43 million, for the period ending December 31, 2012 the company experienced over US $24 million in sales with an EBITDA exceeding US $4.75 million. , the company has a tremendous potential for profit, considering they are operating at just 35% capacity.

Management and Employees: The Company enjoys a strong management team with superb technical experience in manufacturing and forestry. Approximately 450 people are employed, of which an average of 100 receive monthly fixed wages, and some 350 are paid on an hourly basis. The hourly plant workers receive an average of US $600 monthly.

Key Strengths: Future growth in sales and profits, customer oriented approach, quality products, broad product line, significant manufacturing capability, strong management team

Note: We are solely compensated by the seller. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industries.

Production of Red Guano (Organic Fertilizer)

Profile of Company I-120806

The Opportunity:

This Chilean company has received government authorization to develop and exploit a large deposit of fossilized Red Guano (organic fertilizer), a product consisting of bird droppings and marine fauna, that has been deposited on an island close to the Antarctica in Chile, South America. Perhaps the only deposit left in the world that it is an ecologically safe fertilizer, It is estimated the deposit contains 30 million tons of fossilized red guano, which at an extraction rate of 300,000 tons per year, will take 100 years to exhaust.

Considered to be the best natural organic fertilizer available, Red Guano improves the physical characteristics of the soil, reducing compacted as well as porous soils, while retaining humidity and providing ventilation.

The demand for organic fertilizer throughout the world is vast. The environmental norm in North America, Europe and Asia, dictates the use of organic fertilizers, in particular in first world countries where the levels of cancer and other maladies are now being associated with the use of chemicals in what we eat and drink. Therefore the business is expected to grow exponentially as soon as the product begins to reach world markets

The phosphate content of Red Guano stimulates the initial growth of plants and strengthens its roots, thus accelerating maturity and the production of seeds. The application of Red Guano in agriculture is beneficial because it does not increase the level of acid in the land, therefore benefiting the soluble process of nutrients to the plant providing a resistance to diseases and guaranteeing a much healthy production plant. In addition, calcium, magnesium and potassium guarantee the health of the plant.

The owners of the company spent the last eight years analyzing the site and the chemical composition of the Red Guano. In those eight years they obtained the necessary permits and concessions to exploit the mine, at a substantial expense. Now they are ready to commence the exploitation of the Red Guano but lack the financial and marketing strength to develop the mine.

Summary of Operations:

The company is seeking a strategic partner who will provide equipment, a line of credit and marketing for the product. In turn the owners of the company will provide all of the legal documentation, permits and the structure to exploit and operate the company, plus the organic fertilizer to be exploited.

Your Action: We are compensated by our client. We are a performance organization with over 21 years of experience closing transactions in a wide variety of industrie