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Colombia: the most profitable investment in Latin America

Colombia ranked first in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Best Practices and Mineral Potential Index, according to the results of the annual mining and exploration survey developed by the Fraser Institute during 2020.


Some of the benefits of the mining industry in Colombia are:

✔️Mineral potential

✔️Government support to encourage investment

✔️Availability of labor and labor regulations

✔️Lower prices for export


We have gold, silver, and emerald mining titles in Colombia available for sale.

Gold mining
types of minerals
Airlines operate in the country
international flights, 4.500 domestic flights per week
of the 32 departments develop mining activity

How can you get to know our mines?

We invite you to get to know them through our geovisor; a system that will allow you to watch in real time the region where the mine is located.