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Typical Owners

1. Prioritize growing revenue
2. Use proximity as their competitive advantage
(e.g.,”We’re the local provider”)
3. Sell lots of things to a few customers
4. Find themselves in the weeds of all business
operations (their company is too dependent on them)
5. Strive for satisfied customers
6. Use a transactional business model
7. Treat their business like a piggy bank
8. Shares equity too liberally

Value Builders

1. Emphasize growing value
2. Offer a product or service with a
durable competitive advantage
3. Sell a few things to lots of customers
4. Build companies that could thrive without them
5. Strive for customers who will refer and purchase again
6. Focus on creating recurring revenue streams
7. Obsess over how their company creates cash
8. Protects their equity

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Self learning Questionnaires
Prescore: Whether an exit is on the horizon or years away, PREScore™ will prepare you personally for a successful transition into your next chapter while enabling your business – and your people – to continue to thrive without you.

Freedome Score:
Freedom Score is a 10-minute, online questionnaire that evaluates your financial readiness to fund the next phase of your life after your business. Freedom Score calculates your Freedom Point – when the sale of your company will generate enough to fund your desired lifestyle for the rest of your life. Discover how to reach financial independence, de-risk yourself financially, and live worry-free in the next chapter of your life..

Value Builder Score:
Our research shows that companies achieving a score of 80+ out of a possible 100 get offers that are 71% higher than the average company. Whether you want to sell soon or run your business for decades, getting and growing your score makes economic sense.

Radio Show
Each week John Warrillow, the author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business
That Can Thrive Without You and the founder of The Value Builder System™,

Research Bulletins
We analyzed the latest data from users of The Value Builder System™ and we present the findings in interesting snapshots

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Get access to literally hundreds of articles to scale and improve the value
of your business

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Are you interested in building the value of your company? Join webinars and events where we discuss topics on increasing your companies value




Self Guided Online Value Builder Score Report and 2hr follow-up Zoom meeting

  • Full access to The Value Builder System™:The world’s leading cloud-based platform for building company value
  • One year program 12 monthly modules
  • Scenario Planning tools with reports
  • 8 Step Value builder strategic system
  • Monthly strategic project and report
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Designed for company owners with $1-5 million in annual revenue before the




Monthly Group Coaching in a MasterMind format Zoom meeting with your Certified Value Builder™

  • All Silver benefits
  • Assigned Value Builder Certified™ Coach
  • Onboarding meeting
  • Monthly executive meetings with peers with professional report

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Monthly one-on-one Zoom or in person meeting with your Certified Value

  • All Gold benefits
  • One on one meetings with Certified Value Builders™ coach
  • Professional developed Questionnaire
  • Coach will provide custom analysis
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Designed for company owners with $2-25 million in annual revenue before the