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A Geographic Information System (GIS) allows firms to visualize, understand, question, and interpret disparate data that reveal relationships and trends in the form of maps.

Unprecedented Value, Unrivaled Experience

In Angel Brokers Group, our Research, GIS, and Mapping Team utilizes GIS technology to build custom databases from over 30,000 variables, including local and state assessment records, traffic counts, consumer expenditure, and demographic and psychographic data.

The team then integrates the data to develop easily understood maps and models that uncover business development insights and cost-saving opportunities, providing firms science-based analysis to support informed, confident investment decisions and forecasts.

It is a methodological approach to site selection, business development, and capital planning and budgeting that is transforming business and real estate strategies, aligning the potential of each location to a firm’s portfolio.

Whether you are in need of basic mapping or a comprehensive Geo Study, Angel Brokers Group Research, GIS, and Mapping Team can customize a solution that meets your needs. Angel Brokers Group GIS and Research consulting services can be purchased independently by proactive organizations assessing economic opportunities and challenges or integrated into leasing, sales, development, financing, and management projects.

List of Capabilities

  • Aerial Mapping
  • Amenity Mapping
  • Birdseye Perspectives
  • Branch Inventory & Lease Expiration Viewer
  • Business-to-Business Mapping
  • Cannibalization Studies
  • Competition Sales Analysis
  • Consumer Expenditure Analysis
  • Consumer Spending Profiles
  • Deal Velocity Mapping
  • Demographic Mapping and Reporting
  • Detailed Local and Regional Mapping
  • Development Pipeline Mapping
  • Employee Drive Time Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Characterization (Rents, Salary, Utilities, Taxes)
  • Market Trend Analysis (Historic and Current)
  • Market Potential Mapping
  • Market Segmentation Studies
  • Market Vacancy & Absorption
  • Pin Map Studies
  • Psychographic (Lifestyle) Profiling
  • Rental Rate Heat Maps
  • Site Analysis
  • Streetview Perspectives
  • Targeting Potential Sites
  • Tax Incentive Mapping
  • Threshold Trade Area Analysis
  • Trade Area Analysis (Ring & Drivetime)
  • TradeWebâ„¢ Analysis
  • Traffic Characterization (Volume, Signals, commuting patterns)
  • Zoning Mapping

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