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Distressed Assets Acquisitions:

Would “distress” be considered a good thing? Absolute, if you’re a potential commercial property buyer and you’re presented with opportunities to buy “distressed” commercial properties at significant discounts.

Commercial property owners continue to face significant challenges while the economy remains sluggish, including:

Competition for tenants to fill vacant office, industrial or retail properties is still fierce in most sub markets, with tenants driving hard deals.

Difficulty refinancing existing mortgages when property values may have dipped below their outstanding debt – and many financial institutions cannot, or will not, refinance under these conditions
Burdensome long-term carrying costs for vacant land or other empty commercial properties.

Landlord Representation:

We offer professional brokerage services to commercial clients for the leasing of their land, buildings or office/industrial/retail space.

Our marketing efforts are designed to ensure the highest market visibility for your property. We will find you a suitable tenant through our means of advertising, networking, and outreach with the local and national brokerage community

Tenant Representation:

We see tenant advocacy as an art form, where a tenant representative should strive to strike that perfect balance between negotiating the best deal terms for his/her client while, at the same time, helping the landlord and its representatives see that the deal is a good one for them. Pushing too hard can cause the deal to be lost, while not pushing hard enough can result in a sub-par deal for the tenant. We, at Angel Brokers Group, know how to strike that balance and deliver our clients the sites they want at the best deal terms possible.

Owner occupied sales:

We especially take pride in our services designed for owners & landlords, whether you are buying a building for investment purposes or to move your business. We develop custom-tailored strategy for each property and/or each client; our hands-on approach to issues and creative thinking are designed to eliminate any impediments to deal consummation. Finally, our fast response and attention to detail are uncompromised.