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Every client’s business is confidentially but aggressively marketed to strategic and industry acquirers, private equity groups, investors and high net worth individuals seeking acquisitions. We invest significant financial and personnel resources in the active marketing and promotion of every business we represent.

Our focus on representing clients within the Southwestern United States means that we understand the business environment, values and culture unique to the region. It also means that Angel Brokers Group teams members can be on-site with very short notice to meet with potential buyers, assist in the collection of data, or address any other need that may arise.

International: While our geographic focus remains on selling businesses located in the Southwestern United States, we have contacts with capable and qualified buyers throughout the United States and various countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Latin-America: We have exceptional contacts and business relationships with business owner in Latin America and Spain.


Initial Review
In this phase of the process, the Angel Brokers Group team performs detailed analysis of financial and operations data to determine:

  • The marketability of the company based on the current market environment,
  • Define expectations
  • The reasonable value or price a client can expect to receive for the company.

Company Data: The prospective client is asked to provide tax returns and financial statements along with key operating data that allows the Angel Brokers Group team to gain a full understanding of the company’s operations and its financial strength. A member of the Angel Brokers Group team typically “interviews” the prospective client to learn the story of how the business reached its current position and what opportunities lay ahead for the company.

Market Comparables: When analysis of the company is completed, we use its resources to review the sale of comparable businesses in the same or similar industries, analyze industry and economic factors that impact the value of the business, and determine a reasonable offering price for the company.

Engagement Contract: Only after Angel Brokers Group has completed its analysis and proposed an offering price is the prospective client asked to sign an engagement contract. If the prospective client wishes to move forward with an engagement, Angel Brokers Group begins the “Package”phase of the process.

Creating the Package
In the packaging phase, the Angel Brokers Group team prepares a detailed Offering Memorandum that will ultimately be provided to interested buyers.The Offering Memorandum is normally a 20 to 40 page document that provides interested and qualified buyers with information essential to determining their level of interest in pursuing the company for acquisition.

Key components of the Offering Memorandum include:

  • Company history
  • Description of products and services
  • Details on the customer base and revenue by product mix, geography, etc.
  • Sales and marketing efforts of the company
  • Employees and management
  • Competition, risk, and economic data
  • Detailed financial analysis

To facilitate this process, the client may be asked to provide more detailed information and reports such as: sales by customer or geographic region, listing of employee positions/salaries/benefits, explanation of variances on the financial statements, etc. Angel Brokers Group makes the process as unobtrusive as possible. But when the client participates by providing as much detail as possible, Angel Brokers Group is able to more fully and accurately present the offering to prospective buyers.

Buyer Research and Marketing
Angel Brokers Group has developed a multi-faceted approach to marketing the companies it represents. The firm achieves an above-average success rate because we employ a very aggressive approach to marketing each deal. Based on the type of company offered for sale, Angel Brokers Group will employ a combination of the following marketing approaches:

  • Direct contact with known buyers,
  • Direct contact with Private Equity Groups that have expressed general interest in the type of company offered
  • Direct mail to potential strategic acquirers
  • Listings on selected Internet sites
  • Networking with other M&A Advisors

All marketing is conducted in a confidential manner – the name and location of the company and its owner(s) are not divulged until a prospective buyer has been qualified and a Non-disclosure Agreement has been signed.

Angel Brokers Group aggressively markets its clients’ companies to strategic acquirers, meaning we directly target acquirers that have a good reason to own a company like the client’s company. This could be a larger company in the same industry that wants to expand its geographic territory into the area where the client operates, or an investment fund that owns a portfolio company that has certain synergies with the client’s company. Strategic buyers often pay stronger prices for companies that meet their requirements, so this is where Angel Brokers Group focuses a significant portion of its efforts.

Negotiation and Closing

When a prospective buyer is identified, a site visit is usually conducted so the buyer can meet the owner, see the facility, and gain a better understanding of the business and its operations. If the prospective buyer is interested in making an offer for the purchase of the company, we ask the buyer to submit a proposed Letter of Intent or Term Sheet in writing.

No negotiations take place while the client is present. The Angel Brokers Group team presents offers to the client and makes counter offers on the client’s behalf. The management at Angel Brokers Group carefully advises the client to ensure that the best possible offer is obtained. When acceptable terms are reached, the due diligence and closing processes begin.

Angel Brokers Group is with the client every step of the way to facilitate the due diligence process by interacting with the purchaser’s attorney and representatives, as well as the client’s attorney, to provide the needed information and address any issues that arise. All requests for information and site visits come through Angel Brokers Group so we can assist the client with every aspect of the due diligence and closing process.


Angel Brokers Group is an active participant in the lower middle market in the Southwestern region of the United States and Latin-america.

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