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Learning Private Equity Group (PEG) Acquisitions)

For the majority of middle market companies, private equity refers to buyout groups that seek to acquire ongoing, profitable businesses with realistic growth potential.Private Equity Groups/Funds (PEGs) are organized as limited partnerships that are controlled and managed by the private equity firm, who acts as the general partner.

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Learning Sale / Divestiture

Experience shows one of the biggest mistakes a seller of a company can make is to shift their attention away from running their business to selling their business. This can have a negative impact on the day to day operations that could result in a lower selling price.

Having Angel Brokers Group on your side allows you to concentrate on managing your business while we handle all the aspects of the sale.

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Learning Corporate Acquisitions

Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can increase the firm’s competitive advantage, or end up as a fiasco. Acquiring a company is an expensive proposition, and one must utilize this strategy for the right reasons. There are many things to consider before deciding M&A is the right strategy.

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