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Working in real estate could be your ticket to freedom and success. You get to decide when you work and who you work for. You earn commissions with every property deal you close that goes straight into your pocket. Real estate agents are independent and they can make big paychecks.

Real estate agents are in demand. With millions of existing properties sold, and strong new construction builds sold in recent years, there’s plenty of opportunity for new and existing real estate agents every year.

A brokerage dedicated to having real estate agents and brokers to be in the middle of their strategy. When you work with us we dont match you with a fee schedule or a system, we create a custom schedule and system for you or your team.

Real estate agents that work with angel brokers are independent, successful and with driven carriers. As a new agent that wants to be sponsored by Angel Brokers Group you can select a team or start your new team. When you start a new team you can create your own brokerage or bring your existing team into a new brokerage.

A brokerage that Champions investments

With more than a decade of experience in buying, selling, rehabbing, brokerage services, property management and more. Our brokerage was built to help people who like us, have the desire to achieve true freedom and wealth through real estate.

Real estate Investors

Are you a real estate investor and would like to get your licenses, so you have more freedom to open doors and present offers. We offer a special package created specifically for those investors who want to take advantage of being licensed also.