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Join Angel Brokers Group

A brokerage dedicated to having real estate agents and brokers to be in the middle of the site. Real estate agents that work with angel brokers group are independent, successful and with driven carriers. As a new agent that want to be sponsored by angel brokers group you can select a team or start your new team. When you start a new team you can create your own brokerage or bring your existing team in to a new brokerage.

Independent or Team sponsorship
As an independent and successful agent you want to work within a team that brings you the necessary experience, resources and listings to do business.
Save in brokers fees
Or if you are experienced and already have a team of agents in your specialty. You can bring the team and save big money in broker fees. Wecan set up a special plan that accommodates your needs.
We have several types of sponsorship and fees that we can build specifically for your case. We believe every agent is special and we can build a program around that agent. We don’t work like big franchises where the agent has to accept all branding rules. We will create a specific system for your success. Whether you are a solo agent or you work with your partner or you like to be part of a team. We have different choices for you to be successful.
Bring your own team
Tired of working very hard with your team and splitting those big fees with your national brokerage. Speak with us and we can create a customized package that will increase your revenue from day one by reducing your fees exponentially.
Real estate Investors
Are you a real estate investor and would like to get your licenses, so you have more freedom to open doors and present offers. WE offer a special package created specifically for those investors who want to take advantage of being licensed also.
Part time or full time
Whether you work real estate full time of part time. We have the right membership for you. As a part time agent you want to minimise the cost while maximising access to tools and systems. Realtors associations have excellent tools for a real estate agent